comic con revolution ontario


I have been at each of the Comic-Con Revolutions since the convention began.  This year gave me some great conversations and opportunities!


Firstly, I want to point out how well the Ontario Convention Center adapted to weather changes.  That sounds like an odd compliment, I know.  During Saturday, May 18, the sun gave way to clouds, though there wasn’t any rain.  Moreover the metal detectors were outside under portable awnings.  Fast forward to Sunday and it had been raining a lot of the night.  The ground was wet and the air damp.  When we approached the convention center, the staff had already moved all of the metal detectors inside and were funneling people through quickly.  I’ve been to a few conventions here, although I have never seen the staff this reactive before.


Meanwhile, the Dealer’s Hall had a better-than-usual variety of items.  I saw toys old, new, and rare, purses, jackets, a new gamer gummy energy snack (really), statues, and, of course, a lot of comics.  In fact, this convention made sure that they had plenty of comic vendors selling current issues, key issues, Golden Age, Silver Age, full runs, and variants everywhere.  I even found one I have been coming Los Angeles for without success.

comic con revolution dealer hall
The Dealer’s Hall

Additionally, the Artist’s Alley that made up the core of the hall is littered with industry stars and personalities.  I had short conversations with Pernille Orum, Gregg Berger, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Todd Nauck, Livio Ramondelli, Art Thibert, and David Walker.  In a moment of impulse, I even added a Ray-Anthony Height original to my art collection.  It came out even better than I hoped!

marvel iceman ray anthony height
A terrific Iceman by Ray-Anthony Height!

I managed to add to my collection of signings by super-friendly creator superstars Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti!

amanda conner jimmy palmiotti marvel daredevil dc harley quinn
I was just hoping for signatures!


The panels were also entertaining.  I sat in on a panel by legendary voice actor for Donald Duck Tony Anselmo.  He worked with Walt Disney on the original animations through to today’s remake of DuckTales.  After that was a Star Wars retrospective with the voice actor of Darth Maul, Sam Witwer, as a panelist.  Mere minutes behind that is a panel of Transformers voice actors that included Michael Bell, Alan Oppenheimer, Gregg Berger, and more.

tony anselmo donald duck disney
Tony Anselmo – the voice of Donald Duck!

In the end, Comic-Con Revolution is a bit short or small, although it offers a lot for genre fans.  Casual fans may not understand why people are lining up for Overwatch voice actors, Jake “the Snake” Roberts, or Mike Zeck.  However, if you have a passion for comics or pop culture, this is an easy way to begin finding your convention legs before San Diego or New York Comic-Con later this year.

overwatch sombra symmetra carolina ravassa anjali bhimani
Anjali Bhimani – Voice Actress of Symmetra
Carolina Ravassa – Voice Actress of Sombra

Comic-Con Revolution takes place in Ontario, California in mid-May.  The dates for 2020 have not been announced as of the date of this article.