Overwatch Hanzo Feature

Overwatch is known for its enthusiastic fan community including unbelievable cosplays and fan art, but this next inspiration may very well be the most unusual and impressive to date.

Hanzo fans unite at the Hanzo National Church, where a newly formed religious group- that is even exempt from certain taxes- that spreads the good word of Hanzo according to Gamerant. The decision to worship Hanzo, “murderous archer” over Brazillian DJ Lucio or other healers stems from his resemblance to Jesus.

Some of the rules of the Hanzo National Church are as follows: Members are allowed to request “free Tuesdays” where the member can play Overwatch all day, High-calorie food consumption is encouraged, and referring to someone as a “Hanzo Main” is offensive.

The church is also allowed to sell pirated Hanzo merchandise and even baptizes its members by playing overwatch. Not surprisingly the church is because out of the love of the character  Hanzo, but to show just how ludicrous  Brazilian legislative system is. Over 65.000 religious organizations have been registered to dodge paying taxes. proving this author’s point that a video game character can be considered a religious entity.

This will not be the most shocking thing to come out of the overwatch community as many fans write songs, stories and even use mundane items such as breadsticks as a motion controlled sniper rifle. This community seems to have some creative minds behind it.

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