August 10th 11:59 pm PST will be your last chance to purchase Dark Star Cho’Gath, along with Icons and Borders. In doing so, you would also be contributing to one of twenty one non-profit organizations across the globe.

This skin was the creation of a young man named Bryan, with some help from Riot Games. As a part of their ongoing partnership with the Make-A-Wish foundation, game creators welcomed Bryan into their home, so to speak. His wish was to meet the creators and co-create the skin. They were more than happy to oblige. This visit occurred in 2017.

The Story Behind Dark Star Cho’gath.

With time running out on this soon to be rarity, here are some of the details. The skin itself is available for 1350 RP. The Dark Star Cho’Gath icon is priced at 350 RP. The emote is 600 RP. Now on to the bundles. The Dark Star Cho’Gath bundle is 1500 RP. It includes the skin and the Icon. The galactic heart bundle costs 2500 RP. This bundle will land you not only the skin and icon, but also the Galactic Heart icon as well as the Dark Star Cho’Gath border. While of course the skin will eventually return, in this case as a gemstone skin, all others will be unavailable past the deadline. Riot Games

100% of the profits from sales will be donated to Global Giving. They have been an ongoing partner of Riot Games. They in turn will distribute the proceeds to each region on a proportional basis, with a minimum donation of $10,000 USD already set by Riot Games. The selected non profits are listed below:

  1. Brazil- Fundacao Gal De Letra
  2. Chile- El Comite Para La Democratizacion de la informatica
  3. China- Tencent Foundation
  4. Columbia- Ensena Por Colombia
  5. Ecuador- Ensena Por Ecuador
  6. France- Make-A-Wish
  7. Germany- Gaming-Aid
  8. Ireland and Other European Contries not listed- Pieta House
  9. Japan-Friends of El Sistema Japan
  10. Korea- Autism Society of Korea
  11. Mexico- Ensenapor Mexico
  12. North America-Make-A-Wish
  13. Oceania- Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
  14. Panama-Ensena Por Panama
  15. Russia-Sozidanie Charitable Foundation
  16. SEA- Save the Children
  17. Spain-Jugaterapia
  18. Turkey- Umut Cocuklari Dernegi
  19. Taiwan- United Way
  20. UK- Special Effect
  21. Vietnam- Y Tam Social Enterprise

What do you think of this charitable skin event? Will you be purchasing the skin? Tell us in the comments.