The first ever PUBG Global Invitational was won by Chinese underdog team: OMG.

Twenty teams from five different regions competed for a $400,000.00 prize pool this past week in Berlin, Germany. The top four teams came from everywhere except North America. Yeah, that was hard to swallow. However, China has seen many defeats in ESports lately, so it was about time for them to get a win under their belt.

Team OMG ha 6 total players at the Invitational all in their early to late twenties. They walked away with almost $500,000. This sum included bonus earnings from Lionkk earning MVP with a total of 34 kills. However, China wasn’t the only winners. South Korean team Gen. G Gold won first place in the Third Person Perspective, also winning $400,000.00

Their government even congratulated them.

ESports is very big in Asia, with an industry value of overĀ  $9.4 Billion. Of course, the government would show their support. ESports is bringing in a massive amount of revenue. The General Administration of Sports of China announced that they will be holding their own ESports Open this December in Sichuan, China. PUBG is not yet considered an official sport in China, however, it is looking like they will be adding it alongside other games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, and StarCraft II.

How did this underdog team get so good?

I’m sure it had nothing to do with their brand new ESports training compound. This place is a private bunker for all things ESports. It looks like a spaceship, and I am very jealous. I would love to train for ESports in a place like this, instead of at home in my poor, very used, office chair.

This spacious facility houses all of OMG’s ESPorts teams including their League of Legends team. This place is built with spacious meeting rooms, top of the line computer equipment and accessories, and amazing visual features. Check it out for yourself and you be the judge.

What could the North American teams do with a training facility like this one? Let me know in the comments!