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A Delay for the Better?

Is Delaying a Game Really for the Best? It’s no surprise that when a game you’ve really been looking forward to...

Switch’s Access to Xbox Game Pass: More Important Than You Know

Game Pass to Switch...Is it Possible? As a professional counselor and teacher, it is an unwritten rule that I have to...

CES 2019: Battlefield V, Anthem, and Nvidia’s New RTX Series

What Happens in Vegas... The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the first major gathering of tech companies in the new year. CES...

Steam Releases Their “Best of 2018” Lists

Full Steam Ahead From its very inception, Steam has always brought some of the most unique and original games to the... mythic

RaiderIO: New Features for BfA

Season 1 New Features The guild ranking addon and site, RaiderIO, has released a few new features to coincide with season...
Battle for Azeroth pathfinder

The Flying Tracker has Been Updated!

BfA Pathfinder is now Included on Wowhead's Flying Tracker The achievements correspond to part one of unlocking flying. As of BfA's...

New Ransomware Forces People To Play PUBG

All they want is for you to play PUBG. You will play PUBG ... One of us... One of us... A new...
Valve, Steam

Valve Removed Nearly 200 “Fake” Games From Steam

Valve gave the boot to 173 free and cheaply bundled games!

Bethesda Working on “Bleeding Edge” AAA Freemium Game

In a recent job posting by Zenimax Studios, they are looking for a Manager who will help with monetizing fringe technology. It's difficult to say what it could be for due to the various projects Bethesda is currently developing.