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Dishonored 2 Game Review

Dishonored 2 stuns players with beauty, power, and stealth.
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Watch Dogs 2 Game Review

This world is dynamic and vibrant, characters are actually interesting, and the strategies for hacking your way through the game have been completely upgraded. Ubisoft gives players such good new and improved tools for solving problems that you may never need to take the violence approach.

Gamer Hardware Review: Bloody M660 Chronometer M.O.C.I Headset

A4Tech Bloody M660 Chronometer Headset Overview Packaging What's in the box Features Details: The Good and the Bad Technical specifications Vendor information Packaging The...

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Game Review

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare still has a solid Call of Duty core, although it feels like they are going through the motions a bit in favor of conflating the experience with a new space age backdrop.

South Park Season 20, Episode 7 Review: Oh, Jeez

Election Day has come and gone (if you're American) and now we have a new president. The South Park creators...

Streamline Game Review

Streamline is a dynamic and fun online game that really sets itself apart. Unlike other online games, Streamline aims to...

Gamer Hardware Review: A4Tech Bloody B740A Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard

The Bloody B740A Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard delivers lightening fast response times Durable and fast, the Light Strike from A4Tech may...

Game Review: World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy will be under the DVS scope this time around, it's a good game that stands well...

South Park Season 20, Episode 6 Review: Fort Collins

***This recap might contain spoilers of the newest episode of South Park which aired October 26, 2016. Okay, it's definitely...