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PAX East 2018: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Places You In The Midst Of History

Kingdom Come: Deliverance immerses you in an interesting time in history. Not a lot of people would know about the historical...

Tomb of Sargeras Previewed by Blizzard Before Release

It's almost time for the Tomb to open. Are you ready?

Lost Honor: Cinematic Analysis

Restoring Honor within the Horde The cinematic opens with Anduin watching bodies pour into the Stormwind Harbor. Despite his best efforts,...
Leveling in WoW

The Past and Present Experiences of Leveling in WOW.

Has WOW's System of Character Leveling Improved From the Past? World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has just released, and already,...
emerald dream vanilla

Recap of the Vanilla WoW AMA

Vanilla WoW AMA Recap John Staats has had quite a prolific online presence of late. As he promotes his upcoming Warcraft...

Whatever Happened To: The Chrono Series

Several factors that launched Chrono Trigger into the pantheon of greatest RPGs of all time were replay value and player...

Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Allow Much Larger Party Size

You'll no longer have to switch out Donald and Goofy in a new three-man team format.

Humble Weekly Bundle “Make Your Move”

The Humble Weekly Bundle is back with a great selection of strategy games as the theme. Image © Humble Bundle, 2016. As...
Horizon Zero Dawn ThunderJaw

Everything We Know: Horizon Zero Dawn

In a world filled with reboots and sequels, Guerilla Games's new IP Horizon Zero Dawn looks to truly set itself...