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Subnautica concept art

Expansion Announced For One of the Best Survival Games

We Will Soon be Diving Deeper in Below Zero Unknown Worlds has started releasing information about the new expansion, 'Below Zero.' The...
Call of Cthulhu Art

The Influence of H.P Lovecraft in WoW Lore

The Lovecraft in Warcraft H.P Lovecraft was a writer of noteworthy obscurity during his lifetime. Still today, his own works pale...

Chucklefish Delivers an “Inmost” Terrifying Sneak Peek

Something Goes Bump in the Night at Chucklefish Chucklefish, the indie publishing/development studio that created the interstellar masterpiece Starbound, has teamed up...
Typing games, Epistory, The Typing of the Dead, Educational

A Back to School Guide on Typing Games

The Need for Typing Games School is back in session. And, along with that comes busy times for students. Many of...
evil dead

Bruce Campbell’s Involvement Rumored in New Evil Dead Game

Bringing Back the Dead Recently, a rumor began to buzz surrounding some new Evil Dead information. The rumors began to spread...

Resident Evil 2 Remake Announced At E3!

Prior to this years E3 conference, there were rumors stating that one of the better, yet older Resident Evil games...

PAX East 2018: Corporate Nightmare, Yuppie Psycho is Dark Fun & Available This Fall

Baroque Decay's Yuppie Psycho takes place in possibly the scariest setting in horror, a corporate office. We've all been in the situation...
Dead by Daylight Big Top Preview

Pax East 2018: Dead by Daylight Level Designer on Balancing and the Franchises’ Future

The challenges of balancing levels in a procedurally generated game and what is next for Behaviour Interactive
dead by daylight, Behavior Digital, Mathieu Cote

Dead By Daylight “Year 3” Road Map Announced

In a few months, Dead By Daylight will celebrate their second year anniversary and the team wants fans to know...