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Dead By Daylight The Doctor

Dead By Daylight DLC Update

Dead by Daylight gets a new killer, a new map, and a new survivor. Today, Starbreeze along with Behaviour Digital, are releasing...

Alan Wake Will Be No More After May 15

Remedy Entertainment announces sale "celebrating" the expiration of music licensing that was used in Alan Wake. Players who have the game will still own the game.

Throwback Thursday: Dino Crisis

Welcome back to another installment of our weekly Throwback Thursday series. This week we will be revisiting another Capcom cult classic- Dino Crisis.
Outlast II Red Barrels

Outlast II Review

While it seems that there are more action horror games that'd make Michael Bay proud, developer studio Red Barrel studio said "screw that, you get nothing and you will like it".

Outlast 1 Free if You Buy Outlast 2 at The Humble Store

For fans of the Outlast games, players can now get a free copy of the original Outlast when you purchase it from the Humble Store while supplies last.