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Cooking Witch Screenshot

Cooking Witch Review

Turns out I am a monster, I really like cooking kids. Sadly the kid cooking fun of this dark indie game is not sustainable.

Game Review: Stardew Valley (PC)

Stardew Valley: the little indie game that could! According to Steamspy, it has already sold over one million copies. Find...

Streets of Rogue Early Access Review

 Streets of Rogue is a "retro" top-down RPG that gives the players a hilarious amount of gameplay choices that significantly encourages...

DVS Reviews: Pizza Titan Ultra

And This Is Why I Like Indies Have you ever been playing a video game and had the thought, "man, I...

Waking The Glares Review

Waking the Glares is a game that will go by as if it never existed in the first place for your typical gamer.

Game Review: Batman: The Telltale Series (Episode 1)

Batman: The Telltale Series (Episode 1: Realm of Shadows) is the latest in Telltale's smash hits. As I am sure...
Urban Empires City SCreenshot

Urban Empire Review: An Interesting Idea Horribly Implemented

Urban Empire crosses elements of a 4X game with the basics of city simulation. It just does it poorly.

DVS Reviews: Rigid Force Alpha

A Return to Bullet Hell There are a few images that come to mind when I think of the phrase “bullet...

The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack Review

On January 24, 2017, Electronic Arts released the Sims 4 Vampires game pack after years of pleading by fans. This adds Vampires...