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dread gladiator alliance set

BFA Season 1 PvP Rewards and Transmog

The PvP Season Starts Next Week: What are we Fighting For? Transmog Normal PvP will unlock the regular Dread Gladiator set. It...
guilds of ravnica pre release

MTG Guilds of Ravnica: Pre-Release

Return to Return to Ravnica We return (again) to arguably the fan-favorite plane, Ravnica.  The home of guilds, bountiful two-color cards,...
Amazon's New World

Amazon’s New MMO is a Social Experiment

Amazon's New World Promises to Bring a New Perspective to MMO's But, what upcoming MMO hasn't made such a bold claim? Most...

God-Sim, Crest, Receives New “Relaunch” Update

An Earth-Shattering Change The indie developers over at Eat Create Sleep are dabbling in the divine. Their god-simulation title, Crest, has been...
Valnir Rok Dragon

My First Impressions of Valnir Rok

Valnir Rok held its first pre-alpha testing this weekend to explore a brand new, open world filled villages, mythical creatures, and a dynamic PvP system.
Gladiator Proto Drake

A Look at Battle for Azeroth’s Gladiator Proto-Drakes

As details continue to surface about Battle for Azeroth, players get excited about getting a glimpse at the new Gladiator...

Explore the Painted Masterpiece of GRIS

An Addition to Great Indies Most gamers know the best place to pick up fresh and unique titles is on Steam. Over...
BDO xbox

Black Desert’s Xbox Beta has Arrived.

Let the Slicing and Dicing Commence on the Box Back in 2014, Black Desert Online took the MMO world by storm....

The Galaxy of Lemuria: The Survival MMO

The Galaxy of Lemuria The Galaxy of Lemuria (TGOL) is an MMORPG based on survival, sandbox elements. The galaxy is procedurally-generated....