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PUBG training map

PUBG’s Extensive New Training Map

PUBG Will Feature a Map Two Square Kilometers in Size. The new training mode is somewhat akin to Fortnite's Playground Mode. It...
dread gladiator alliance set

BFA Season 1 PvP Rewards and Transmog

The PvP Season Starts Next Week: What are we Fighting For? Transmog Normal PvP will unlock the regular Dread Gladiator set. It...

D.Va Updates in the Overwatch PTR

D.Va's changes are not the most extreme, but she is significantly more fun to play now.
Blizzcon, Anaheim

The Third Batch of Blizzcon Tickets has Sold Out

Blizzcon Tickets Sold Out! Tickets to the 2017 Anaheim convention have now been exhausted. This comes from Blizzard themselves, who have...
Valnir Rok Dragon

My First Impressions of Valnir Rok

Valnir Rok held its first pre-alpha testing this weekend to explore a brand new, open world filled villages, mythical creatures, and a dynamic PvP system.
Bless Online

A New Raid and the Halloween Event Come to Bless Online

The New Bless Online Content is all About Max Level Players. Patala Raid Firstly, there is a brand new raid coming to...
guilds of ravnica pre release

MTG Guilds of Ravnica: Pre-Release

Return to Return to Ravnica We return (again) to arguably the fan-favorite plane, Ravnica.  The home of guilds, bountiful two-color cards,...

Conan Exile: What We Know

We explore the dangerous world of Hyboria in Funcom's latest project Conan Exiles.
Monster_Boy_screenshot with Squid Boss

Game Preview: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Boy revives a classic platformer with stunning new graphics but that same retro fun.