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Overwatch widow talon skin

New Widowmaker Lore Released in Uprising Event

There is new Widowmaker lore released with the latest Omnic Uprising event, and it's just plain heart-wrenching.

Days of War Early Access Review

Driven Arts takes us back to the classic Arcade shooter genre, but it lacks uniqueness. Days of War is an early...
BioShcok Infinite Logo

Latest Report: New BioShock Game in Development at an Undisclosed 2k Studio

A 'top-secret' collection of developers and game designers are reportedly working on the next installment of the BioShock franchise. Developments Jason Schreier,...

Battlefront 2 Aerial Battles Will Be Streamed At Gamescom

This year Gamescom will feature Star Wars Battlefront 2's yet unseen Aerial Battle Mode.

Half-Life Uncensored in Germany after Two Decades

No more strange robots! German players can finally enjoy Half Life the way it was made for the first time in 19 years.

Jeff Kaplan Assures Community Will Like New Maps

Kaplan says that new maps are in the works and that the Blizzard team considers feedback from the community for new ideas like the Moonbase map, which he did not "confirm", but loves.

Space Hulk: Deathwing Postponed

https://dvsgaming.org/Deathwing-fans-face-disappointment-from-delayed-release/. https://dvsgaming.org/Space-hulk-received-mixed-reviews-and-many-complaints-during-closed-beta.-Many-improvements-are-to-take-place-during-delay-time/.     Many performance issues arose in the closed beta testing of Space Hulk: Deathwing last week. Fortunately for players these issues...

Call of Duty: WWII Valor Collection Revealed

No little green army men here! Bronze instead.
Sky Noon Title Image

PAX 2018-Sky Noon: The Smash Brothers of the Wild West

Sky Noon, a FPS brawler, pits cowboys against one another in floating arenas. The Smash Brothers has come to the...