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Some Patch 8.1.5 Undocumented Changes that Shouldn’t Be Missed

Tuning Up the New Patch World of Warcraft's Patch 8.1.5 official drops today, allowing for players to play as both the Kul...

Black Desert Online Wizard/Witch Guide

In Black Desert Online, the Witch and the Wizard are a large area support class both in terms of support...

Throwback Thursday: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Not all Great Games Sell Their Best Metal Arms: Glitch in the System was one of those phenomenal games that never...
Conan Building Guide First Home

Conan Exiles: A Beginners Guide to Building

Hyboria always has its dangers lurking around. Learn to build an efficient, yet oh so quaint homestead our beginners guide to building.

Conan Exiles: A Beginners Guide to Battling

Conan Exiles is very focused on the PVP element of the game. So we've made a guide that will help you in your conquest of Hyboria.

Does Lord of the Rings Online’s Legendary Server Deliver?

A Review of the Legendary Server The announcement of Lord of the Rings Online’s (LOTRO) legendary server was met with much...

New Profession Tools Up the Ante for WoW Players

The Fifth Wheel of Professions As a seasoned World of Warcraft player, I can honestly say that I have never liked...

Conan Exiles: Thrall Guide

Think you don't need help in Hyboria? Think again. Luckily you can just knock out your next helper and put them to work. Learn about Thralling or risk losing everything you've worked for.

Metroid Prime 4 Development Restarted

The Legendary Fourth Installment is Being Reworked. Metroid Prime 4, the game every Nintendo fan has been waiting for, has apparently...