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Unannounced Diablo project

Blizzard Confirms Unannounced Diablo Project

Expansion or entirely new game? The rumor mill is churning regarding the Diablo series. The Diablo series is one of the...
Battle for Azeroth Loot Changes

Battle for Azeroth: Loot Changes and You

Battle for Azeroth Will Remove Some Of The Loot Options With Which Most Are Familiar.   Blizzard has made it known that...

Black Desert Online Wizard/Witch Guide

In Black Desert Online, the Witch and the Wizard are a large area support class both in terms of support...
Conan Building Guide First Home

Conan Exiles: A Beginners Guide to Building

Hyboria always has its dangers lurking around. Learn to build an efficient, yet oh so quaint homestead our beginners guide to building.
Burning Crusade Load Screen

Changes to World of Warcraft Since Burning Crusade

Over The Years, There Have Been Many Changes, Hotfixes, Patches, Realm Restarts. Since the first expansion of the Burning Crusade, there...
Tides of Vengeance

Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance Release Schedule

Release Schedule for Tides of Vengeance The content for World of Warcraft's next patch is split into three categories. The first of round...
Battle for Azeroth Mounts

Battle for Azeroth Mount Update: Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

Battle for Azeroth is bringing many new mounts with it's August release. The most wanted mount so far in Battle for...
The Hivemind Mount

Hivemind Mount Not in Game

The Hunt Continues The news comes after Wowhead posted on Twitter about Baa'l, a secret companion. The tweet speculated as to...

Conan Exiles: Thrall Guide

Think you don't need help in Hyboria? Think again. Luckily you can just knock out your next helper and put them to work. Learn about Thralling or risk losing everything you've worked for.