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DVS Reviews: Devil May Cry 5

Capcom Has Pulled Their Devil Trigger. Capcom has started 2019 off with a big bang. Releasing games like Resident Evil 2,...

A Year in Gaming: 2018 Highlights

Turning Over a New Leaf Well, it looks as if 2018 is wrapping up quickly. A new year is right around...

Game Review: SpeedRunners (PC)

The Beta for SpeedRunners was released nearly 3 years ago by Double Dutch Games / tinyBuild GAMES and garnered some...

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Week 20 Bug Fix

Bluehole Studios has fixed a connectivity issue players were having as well as fixed a few issues with gameplay in the most recent bug fix.
LA Noire Feature

LA Noire Coming To a New Generation of Consoles, VR

Rockstar's classic detective thriller will return to consoles with special enhancements for the PS4 Pro and Xbox X, and be their first VR title.

Humble Indie Bundle 16 (Bundle Giveaway + Impressions)

Welcome back to another great bundle! We're going back to where these bundles began with indie-developed games, and we will give away a...

Badass Hero Early Access Review

Badass Hero is a game that lets you become a bonafide badass, just as the game's title describes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Officially Revealed By Square Enix

After a leak on Amazon showing pre-orders for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix confirmed the leaks in a livestream...

DVS Reviews: Pizza Titan Ultra

And This Is Why I Like Indies Have you ever been playing a video game and had the thought, "man, I...