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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds New Desert Map Will be 8x8km

PUBG's upcoming desert map will be the same size as the current map Erangel, instead of the reported 4x4km.

Paragon Guides Now On Youtube!

Are you itching to improve your Paragon game? The Source has got you covered. With 9 character guides out and...

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Officially Revealed By Square Enix

After a leak on Amazon showing pre-orders for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix confirmed the leaks in a livestream...

No More Arkham Games, For Now

The voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy says that the Arkham series may be done for now, but could return in the future.

Star Citizen – 2.1c Released To all on PTU and possible new PTU Changes

Star Citizen PTU Alpha 2.1c is in the hands of QA Those boys at CIG are working hard right up to...

Dollars to Hours: Pricing a Year of Gaming

Steam has become a great platform for gamers to keep their collection without having to remember usernames and passwords of crappier clients (looking at you,...

Destiny 2’s DLC Won’t Be Delayed For PC, Specs For PC Detailed

All of Destiny 2's DLC will be released on all platforms at the same time, while the system requirements for the game have also been detailed.
Toejam and earl

PAX West 2018: Toejam and Earl- Bringing Back the Funk

At long last the Dynamic Duo is back. No not crazy bat guy and the boy blunder. Toejam and the...
Halo INfinite announcement

Halo Infinite Announced with Glorious New Engine Demo

Microsoft Starts E3 Like a Bang From a Halo Ring. Microsoft started its press piece with a fantastic presentation. The company...