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Smite World Championship Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Smite World Championship, Epsilon eSports! Epsilon dropped only 2 maps the entire tournament, each to Cloud...

Introducing The Heroes of Glory Ridge

Get the latest details on the hero roster for Glory Ridge, the new mobile RPG strategy game for iOS and Android.
Guild Charter

World of Warcraft: What Type of Guild Should I Run?

So you have decided to start a guild in World of Warcraft. Where do you start? What kind of guild should you run? This DVS guide is here to help We break down the kinds of Guilds you will find in WoW and help you find the best one for you.
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Jaina Comic is Live and More are Expected

World of Warcraft Has Published a Jaina Comic and There Will be More Before the Battle for Azeroth Release. Writer Andrew...

Suddenly Drunk Review

Every game is now a drinking game with Suddenly Drunk. The Australian-designed card game makes any board or card game into a fully fledged drinking game, with hilarious results.

DOOM: Player Progression & Customization

Bethesda Tells players "Get a taste of the customization options, our player progression system, plus some of DOOM’s Hack Modules...
Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic

Mythic Race Making World of Warcraft Great Again?

The Mythic race went down to the wire in this raid expansion despite being brief. Method and Limit are often considered...
Uldir Bosses

Seal of Fate: Changes to Bonus Rolls

Bonus Rolling With Seals of Wartorn Fate For better or worse, the seal of fate system has been a constant feature...

Game Review: World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy will be under the DVS scope this time around, it's a good game that stands well...