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Comic Reviews by the Part-Time Henchmen!

Jeremy of the PartTime Henchmen, took a look at comics that were released this week, to see if these issues are the stars of their run, or headed for the bins!

Marvel Comics

Daredevil #602

Marvel Comics

Writer – Charles Soule

Artist – Mike Henderson

Price – $3.99

It has been a long time since I picked up a Daredevil comic, and there was a lot of which I was unaware.

Charles Soule does an incredible job in the dialogue, catching readers up on the present story, the characters, and their abilities.  I was surprised that, even though this issue is in the middle of the current story arc with Matt Murdock as acting mayor of New York City, Foggy as his new Chief of Staff, and several of New York’s heroes defending the city from an onslaught of the Hand ninjas, I didn’t feel lost or frustrated.  By the middle of the issue, I was caught up and starting to feel the weight of the threat.

Daredevil #602 – Marvel Comics

The art by Mike Henderson takes some mental adjustment.  It has a sketch-like quality which doesn’t always compliment the colors, and vice versa.  No one here is slacking off, but the visuals don’t mesh like you would expect. Thankfully, this issue doesn’t detract from the book.

If you’re a fan of the Netflix version of Daredevil, Soule’s stories are ones you should pick up.  In fact, the last pages will probably give you flashbacks to one of the more memorable (and polarizing) visuals from the show.  The team here needs to be recognized for an issue that works as a bridge to get casual readers to either buy the back issues, or tantalize you for the eventual trade paperback.


DC Comics

Green Lanterns #47

DC Comics

Writer – Tim Seely

Artist – V. Ken Marion

Price – $2.99

In the news this week, it was revealed that Tim Seely was exiting the Green Lanterns series earlier than expected. So I wanted to see how his final issue would end. I can’t say this is the issue which should end his story.

This issue marks the end of this particular story arc, and there were many details absent to enjoy this story and series.  I saw images of characters where I didn’t understand their significance until some time later. And I still can’t say really where Green Lanterns Baz and Cruz were during the bulk of the story.  

The addition of the Justice League felt like they weren’t needed. Their contribution was extremely light, and was an attempt to show the power of a villain I couldn’t explain to you after reading the book.  

The dialogue wasn’t extremely helpful either.  There were times it felt over-dramatic, or a bit vague.

Green Lanterns #47 – DC Comics

Marion’s art flowed fairly well.  It feels like a throwback to a leaner version of 90’s art, minus the pouches and blood splatter.  Some of the character faces, though, seemed too clean or devoid of features. The art swung back and forth, but I enjoyed it more than expected.

I feel bad that this is Seely’s last issue here.  He was building towards an intriguing story and it looked like he was about to take the Green Lanterns featured in this comic into a new direction. However, his time here is now over, and I can’t help but feel this was a missed opportunity.

IDW Comics

Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood Suckers #1

IDW Comics

Writers – Joshua Jabcuga

Artist – Tadd Galusha

Price – $3.99

I have never seen the movie this comic was based on, so I thought this would be a good chance for me to get acclimated to the story.  In short, I was hoping for more than this comic provided.

The writing in it left me frequently scratching my head.  It often didn’t feel like characters were actually speaking to each other.  I understood more by the time it was over. However, when the characters feel slim and almost lifeless, I’m of the mind that I have other things to read and spend time on.

The art was almost as problematic for me.  There isn’t a good flow from panel to panel. There were times I wasn’t aware which character I was looking at, and “Elvis” sometimes looked like Andrew “Dice” Clay.  Other times he looked like Bruce Campbell, or the weirdest Elvis impersonator you will ever see.

Bubba Ho-Tep #1 – IDW Comics

I was hoping for a lot more from this book.  I ended up with something that won’t be back for a second issue in my pull list.  The characters and intellectual property have potential, but they won’t find that potential in this particular storyline.

Image Comics

Flavor #1

Image Comics

Writer – Joseph Keatinge

Artist – Wook Jin Clark

Price – $3.99

It’s not often I’m surprised by a story.  I’ve been reading long enough that a lot of story beats become apparent before I get to the end.  Flavor turned out to be surprising in more ways than one.

The story is still a bit mysterious, other than the young protagonist, Xoo, living in a society that is a strange combination of very chaotic, but also extremely regulated.  She struggles to keep her family’s restaurant open, even going to risky measures to obtain rare ingredients, while her parents struggle with a sickness that keeps them in wheelchairs.  The story appears to be part Avatar – the Last Airbender/part original Iron Chef (the Japanese version.)  This sounds like an odd scenario, but this hustle and bustle world will pull you in.

Flavor #1 – Image Comics

The art has a notably Korean style to it, and there’s some things in the early panels that threw me off and took some getting used to.  The further you progress into this story, the better the art flows. And, the more you accept the oddities you will see, like a dog using a bicycle.  That’s not a typo.  Everything has a cartoonish quality that plays well with the story, and everything comes together for this comic.

Flavor is my Pick of the Week, because this is very different from the usual comic story and storytelling style. In addition, with the last panels and a new level of mysteries about this world and how it operates, I’m looking forward to the second issue.

What is on your radar? Are you reading any good comics you’d like me to check out? Leave us a comment below!