Guild Recruitment Gets Some TLC

As many of you know, the dynamics of guild recruiting have significantly changed. With the introduction of LFR, LFG and other features that make it easier than ever to find the type of groups needed to continue game progression, the need for a guild has significantly changed.

Our sponsored guild, “Devious,” has been running into the same issues as many guilds are experiencing with recruiting. Even though they are on a highly populated server, there seems to be a lack of interest in either joining the guild or finding quality players to join their raid team. The Guild Master of the Devious guild, Scott Smith found out about another guild from PC gamer that tried to use Tinder as a recruitment tool for World of Warcraft. He decided to give it a shot and created a profile. He said, “I have been with my wife since 2008 and I never thought I would be using this application.” I guess desperate times call for desperate measures though.


The first step was to create a profile that would attract the average World of Warcraft player. He did this using World of Warcraft Images and a meme that any Warcraft fan could relate to.


Next, he added a recruitment message on why he created the profile and what he was looking for. It was funny but honest about the need for serious raiders for the guild.


So, what happened after he created the profile? It was fairly unsuccessful as Tinder banned him within a few hours of creating it. So what does this mean for guilds that need new recruits? You will need to find another method for reaching your potential guild members. Perhaps Plenty of Fish is a better option?

Are you a guild master? Are you experiencing the same challenges as Scott when searching for new members? What strategies have you used to recruit members? Tell us in the comments below.