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New Call to Arms Buff to Increase Experience by 30%

In his interview with Forbes, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas announced a new buff coming in 8.1, affecting War Mode. ‘Call to Arms’ will function as an incentive for players to balance world PvP populations. Similar to dungeons and raid queues, the Enlisted buff will go from a 10% increase in experience, to 30% for players on the underrepresented faction.

The Enlisted buff increases gains to experience, war resources, artifact power, and gold. The extra rewards are meant to offset the inefficiency of world PvP. For instance, if you have just started an allied race and are leveling in Duskwood, but cannot reach Darkshire due to being camped by a rogue. Not speaking from personal experience, of course. Maybe you will be tempted to stay on your alt and not rage on your main when a 30% buff is dangled before you. Again, not speaking from personal experience or anything.

Hazzikostas acknowledged that one of the catalysts for the change is the unbalanced nature of the factions. War Mode zones are typically overrun with one faction. This afflicts the opposing faction while not hindering their own abilities to quest. This gives them the benefits of War Mode without any drawback.

Will it Work?

A buff to rewards may be enough of a carrot to get some people to turn on the feature. However, there is still the issue of a player’s ignorance going into a zone. Players have no idea whether they will receive the bonuses before going to the zone because War Mode is only toggled in capitols.

Furthermore, the opposing faction will still be able to gank, camp, and decimate the entire population of the zone. And honestly, I am perfectly fine with that. It is one of the best features Blizzard has added, and the main reason is the ability to be a silent warrior in a swamp, or a shadowy hunter in the trees. In my opinion, this will make the opposing faction even more willing to participate, as there will be fresh bodies for the slaughter.