evil dead

Bringing Back the Dead

Recently, a rumor began to buzz surrounding some new Evil Dead information. The rumors began to spread ever since the cancellation of the popular Ash vs. the Evil Dead show on Stars. The leading man/horror icon Bruce Campbell is rumored to be returning — but this time to our gaming monitors rather than the big screen.

Nothing Stays Dead-ite forever

In the mid to Late 70’s and early 80’s, Hollywood seemed to have a power struggle with entertaining large audiences. Amidst this struggle arose the classic 80’s Slasher and Horror movie genre. That rise in the genre brought us amazing movies such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play and many, many more. Novice Director Sam Raimi at the time came across an idea for a film to cash in on the Horror Craze circling. It started out as something that could have been truly terrifying but instead grew a cult following with its viewers instead. EVIL DEAD. The first movie combined cheeky humor with ridiculous camera angles to create a work of art. Sprinkled with unprecedented suspense. The move was seemingly a flop as far as horror films go, but as it aged, it aged like a fine Scotch and gained it’s ever so popular cult fanbase. The movie starred Bruce Campbell as the wacky and admirable protagonist.

Further History into Evil Dead

The film also lays claim to the introduction of the Necronomicon or Book of the dead. Ash( aka Ashley) was faced in the first film and its subsequent sequel with essentially murdering his family and friends due to the power that was released from the book. In the third installment of this trilogy, Ash literally goes medieval and time travels to the 16th century to kick more deadite a** and put a stop to the plague of the Necronomicon released on his life. He seemingly succeeds and the rest is.. History!


Bruce Campbell received minor acclaim for his work in the franchise. And continued doing cameos in Sam Raimi’s works including 2003-2008’s Spider-Man Trilogy. But one thing that stood out was his introduction into the world of video games when Evil Dead received a tap on the shoulder twice for an adaptation. The games didnt fare too well in the past market as far as video games went, but it wasn’t horrible. In fact, you could potentially credit the game partially for carrying over the Movie for a new generation and then receiving a remake and a follow-up Tv spot that brought us Old Man Ash.

If the rumor is confirmed, it will definitely be exciting to get yet another dose of Mr. Campbell kicking deadite butt and taking names.

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