Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Picture from Fox

Fans rejoice, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved!

NBC has officially picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for season 6 24 hours after Fox canceled the show. Outrage poured out onto social media on Thursday when Fox announced it was canceling the show after season 5. Unsurprisingly fans petitioned through and gained over 20,000 signatures in just under a day. Although there were rumors that Hulu was interested in picking up the series both Hulu and Netflix both passed on the show.

However, NBC has said that season 6 will only have 16 episodes compared to the 22 episode seasons we were given on Fox. But regardless we are just happy to have our favorite cops back!

The cast of the show are ecstatic with the news and have been tweeting out their appreciation. Melissa Fumero who plays Sgt. Amy Santiago announced the shows good news to fans on Twitter saying:

Joe LoTruglio who plays Dt. Boyle tweeted out his love to fans also:

There’s no doubt that the internet is rejoicing right now especially with the last 2 episodes of season 5 still looming. And now we have confirmation we will see Amy and Jake post-wedding!