Brigitte’s Intro to Overwatch

Brigitte received mixed messages from fans when she was introduced to the Overwatch hero pool. Some players love her for her versatility and the effect she has on the dive meta. Others find her influence on stun meta and GOATS a little overwhelming. Brigitte is a strong tank/support hybrid with abilities that some players have yet to find a way to counter – pro tip; try attacking her with a Widowmaker, Pharah, or Junkrat. She’s strong against back-line attackers like Tracer or Winston and has a relatively stable healing output on top of her stun and damage.

Regardless of her abilities, Brigitte’s role in Overwatch has little to do with her voice actor, Matilda Smedius. Even though Smedius has little to no input on Brigitte as a character, some players find it necessary to approach her directly with their hero suggestions.

While these tweets aren’t directly hostile towards Smedius, there’s no need to respond to her unrelated questions with character directions. Tweet at Blizzard or Overwatch if you have a problem with Brigitte. On top of the player’s additional suggestions, Smedius has received online harassment and negative comments due to her role voicing Brigitte.

Smedius’s Reply

Smedius responded to these messages with a surprising amount of restraint. Instead of getting angry at the people messaging her, she directed the criticism towards the Overwatch developers.

In reply to these negative comments, Smedius said, “It hurts and it makes me sad. And I know, I should’ve known about this whole thing when I said yes to doing Brigitte. This is just what comes out of having a huge following. But it still hurts.” She was aware that this could be a potential outcome when she agreed to voice the character. She still chose to portray Brigitte.

These reactions should not be what comes out of having a big following. Smedius did her job, successfully might I add, and players should not respond with hate. If you dislike a character in a game, find a way to deal with it. Don’t harass people because you think Brigitte ruined the meta. Don’t harass people in general.