Wowhead announces a bounty for the First Mythic Plus 30 in the alloted time!

Raider.IO, Warcraftlogs, and Wowhead have all teamed up to provide bounty prizes to the entire team for the first group to complete a mythic plus 30 dungeon in the alloted time.  In the past few days, the world’s first mythic plus 29 was completed on time.  Now, the World of Warcraft is watching and waiting to see the first 30 completed within the time limit.  Wowhead has released the following wanted poster just for this event:

Mythic Plus Wanted Poster
Mythic Plus Wanted Poster

Everyone seems to be on-board the hype train, and it is not slowing down any time soon.  The first group to achieve this feat will receive a year of Wowhead premium, a mount of that player’s choice from the Blizzard store, a year of Raider.IO revered, and a year of Warcraftlogs platinum.  This prize will be provided to every player in the winning group.

You may be asking what would prompt a bounty with substantial rewards for a mythic plus dungeon?  The excitement began when two groups both completed Lower Karazhan 29 in time within an hour and a half of each other last week.  The affixes during the week were sanguine, grievous, and fortified.  One group consisted of a blood death knight, holy paladin, affliction warlock, windwalker monk, and fire mage.  The other group was comprised of a vengeance demon hunter, holy paladin, assassination rogue, affliction warlock, and windwalker monk.  The groups received the scores 612.4 and 616.7 for their runs, giving them the highest current scores for mythic plus in the game.

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It is notable that all of the players -except one- in these two groups have a Raider.IO score greater than 6000.  Many of the players are closer to a 7000 score.  The lowest ranked player current score of just above 5700.  Competition will be fierce among these two groups, and, any others who wish to try to beat the timer.  Dungeons have already been gaining excitement due to the mythic dungeon invitationals.  This adds yet another element of excitement to dungeons, bringing them further into the forefront of the PVE experience.

What do you think of seeing a bounty like this for a mythic 30 in time?  Do you plan to push mythic plus content more because of this new bounty?