Batman #50 & Catwoman #1 courtesy of DC Comics
Alternate cover for Batman #50 by J. Scott Campbell

Batman #50

DC Comics

Writer: Tom King

Artists: Mikel Janin and various guest artists.

Price: $4.99

So, let’s address the elephant in the room.  DC marketing thumbed their noses at the fans by spilling the details of this issue 4 days before release in an effort to generate buzz.  The issue’s writer even went on Twitter voicing his frustration at the move, and advising folks to ignore the press/spoiler.  I’m sure a lot of us did just that.

I didn’t.

I don’t have an emotional investment in Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego.My preference is Bat Woman, Cassandra Cain Batgirl, and sometimes Nightwing.  With this being said, and despite my knowledge ahead of time, I have to say this issue was beautifully laid out love letter to Batman and Catwoman.  Both Bruce and Selena shared this issue 50/50 within the pages, alternating between their actions which were often almost perfectly mirrored.  Accompanying the narrative is a series of pin-ups by various artists. Its framed with words from both Bruce and Selena’s letters to each other.

Batman #50 courtesy of DC Comics


The questions arises, “can the bat still be the bat if he’s happy? Doesn’t his stoic bitterness fuel his mission?”  In what had to be a oddly timed coincidence, it was the bride’s blond best friend who’s suggestion convinced her to leave (just like Ilyana with Kitty Pride in X-Men Gold #30 which was released just a month earlier.) This is a question any fan would have asked after reading the announcement of this issue. And, King didn’t insult us by pretending that didn’t cross anyone’s mind.  We even see Bruce musing it out loud on the drive to the ceremony

Batman #50 courtesy of DC Comics

My favorite moments?  I think seeing Kite Man giving us another ‘Hell Yeah’ put a smile on my face.  I was touched by the moment with Alfred, when Bruce told him how much he mattered to him. This lead to an heartfelt embrace.  I also enjoyed seeing Bruce alot more then Batman in this.

Batman #50 courtesy of DC Comics

In the end, the spoiler didn’t ruin much. The issue stands on its own, and it was a pleasant surprise for a non-Batman fan.


Cover of Catwoman #1 courtesy of Dc Comics

Catwoman #1

DC Comics

Writer/Artist: Joelle Jones

Price: $3.99

When I first saw this cover online, I actually thought it was a fan edit addressing the hoopla over the spoilage of Batman #50.  Great cover.

We find that Selena Kyle has run off to a city called Villa Hermosa, which may or may not be in Mexico.  In the opening scene, an imposter in a Catwoman suit is fleeing a crime, and murdering the cops which are chasing her. During this time, Selena is keeping it low key and spending time in a high class casino.  The cops seek her out to arrest her, but she easily escapes. Going home, she finds that she can’t outrun who she is, and sets out to find out who’s setting her up.

Catwoman #1 courtesy of Dc Comics

Almost the entire issue takes place during the day with daylight in all the outdoor scenes.  I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but it seems the polar opposite of the constant night seen in Batman issues.  Joelle Jones’ art is a hype-real style with photo worthy backgrounds and easy to recognize faces from each other.  As much as a lot of this art was pleasing to look at, I wasn’t a fan.  With random face lines, distracting shading, and heavy ink marks, I just couldn’t enjoy it like I wanted.

Catwoman #1 courtesy of Dc Comics

The story also felt dull, and nothing really stood out.  I think DC banked too much on the art carrying this story.  It set up a secretly deformed antagonist which seemed like she could be interesting. But, since this is a first issue, we really don’t know whats going on.  This just didn’t seem like something I would have spent 4 bucks to enjoy.  Perhaps as the series progresses it will become more compelling as this issue as it was?  Meh.

So, those are my extra super amaziballs reviews for this week! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!