Could this year’s Blizzcon be different?

As we have covered here extensively at DVS Gaming, there are many questions surrounding what is going on at Activision Blizzard. It started at Blizzcon 2018 and cascaded into a series of unfortunate events soon after. It culminated in the layoffs of 8% of Activision Blizzard’s workforce. Some attendees (including some ex-Blizzard employees) could forgo the event altogether as a result. Others have even questioned if the event would be held at all this year.

There will most likely be a Blizzcon this year.

How do we know this? The previous few Blizzcons were held on the first weekend of November. The Anaheim Convention Center’s schedule for October 2019 and November 2019 are pretty packed. While there are no events planned for October 25-26, it can be safe to say they are holding the week of October 27-November 2 empty for Blizzcon itself. While the actual dates of Blizzcon are usually a Friday and a Saturday, there are often numerous fan events and gatherings during the week of the event itself. People also pick up their Blizzcon badges on the Thursday before the event.

Blizzcon October 2019

As you see in the November schedule, the first weekend is mysteriously empty. The next week has a six-day event for the Society of Women Engineers.

Blizzcon November 2019

Steven Lynch, who has been to multiple Blizzcons and is considered as the unofficial historian of Blizzcon, also provided us with an updated spreadsheet on the announcement of Blizzcon and ticket sales.

Blizzcon 2019 historical

Blizzard could announce the event sooner than later, as announcement dates have alternated between April and March since 2014. This year, we may be due for a March announcement date.

Despite the recent bad news, most people are optimistic about Blizzcon.

“I think there are a few select people that actually seem to be giddy at the prospect of no convention this year like it would vindicate their beliefs that Activision is killing Blizzard,” Lynch said. “I still don’t see how they couldn’t hold one, especially this year, where we have no major releases for 2019.”

Blizzard, even in a down year release wise, has a lot more going on to show off at a Blizzcon now than when they only held an esports event in 2012 and definitely more than 2006, which was the first year missed,” he continued.

This year will also mark the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft. This game helped establish Blizzard as a major game developer. Millions of people still play the game to this day.

Do you think there will be a Blizzcon this year? If not, why? If you’re not going, what are your reasons? Let us know in the comments below!