blizzcon 2017 virtual ticket mounts

New Information Surrounding Blizzcon 2018!

Virtual ticket information has released. The hype is now growing, fueled by the “Best of Blizzcon” video series. There is also a community infographic.

Virtual Ticket

There are some improvements to the ticket. One of which is the addition of special, interactive polls. There will also be more channels and language options. The new languages will be Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Sales for the Virtual Ticket will commence September 12th. There will be a special unboxing stream as well. The stream will reveal goody bag items and the digital Overwatch item. Then, between the 12th and October 30th, Blizzard will release video highlighting the amazing parts of the community. The highlights will be similar to last year.

Best Blizzcon Moment

The top surprises include the reveal of Classic WoW.

“I understand that for some of, your favorite flavor (of ice cream) is vanilla.”

Other events highlighted were the reveal of Overwatch. This included the launch of the game as well as fan favorites of the cast. You can vote for your favorite at

Community Infographic:

As part of the Hype-train, an assemblage of community statistics was put together. To view the extensive infographic, click here.

For instance, 37 million people are active players. They come from 200 countries with an average of 30,000 logins per minute. players have 21 friends on average. However, the friendliest people are Koreans with 28 friends. This is likely due to the culture of gaming cafes.

Moreover, players have been slain 2.8 billion times by legion dungeon and raid bosses. This compares to the 1.4 billion times we have slain bosses. That is a fairly good ratio considering the number of players going up against a single boss.

The infographic ends with a quote from Mike Morhaime, Co-founder and CEO of Blizzard.

There are no strangers at Blizzcon, only friends you haven’t met yet.”