diablo on the phone

Blizzard CEO Talks the Future of Diablo

J. Allen Brack, the successor to longtime CEO Mike Morhaime, gave his ambitious plan for the Diablo franchise. During his first earnings report, he said Blizzard has “seen some interesting reactions” to Diablo Immortal. Interesting would not be the word I would use. Euphemisms aside, Brack is sticking by his decision. Moreover, he is doubling down.

Diablo’s Future in Mobile Gaming

It is no secret that Blizzard wants to infiltrate the vast market of mobile gaming. They plan on having multiple mobile projects across many of their IPs. Brack elaborates on the company’s stance by saying the mobile market is the biggest in the world. It represents a “very significant opportunity.”

The reason why Blizzard had not dipped their feet in the mobile waters before had to do with quality. Until very recently, the gaming market on phones was severely limited by the technology. Blizzard had no interest in creating subpar products for profit. Now, however, Brack believes the company can have both profits and excellent mobile games.

He states, “Taking a game like Diablo… in a way that is really reflecting our quality standards, it can open that franchise and other franchises to a global audience.” 

Moreover, Blizzard knows there are many people who do not have PCs. As tablets and phones become just as powerful as computers, this trend is unlikely to diminish.

Diablo Immortal was playable at Blizzcon, hinting at a release in the coming year. However, Brack did not commit to any timetable. The team’s priority is providing an excellent experience.

This is not the End of Blizzard’s Conventional Platforms

Brack reiterated that Blizzard is not forsaking traditional PC gaming. “Diablo is an important tentpole franchise for Blizzard entertainment.” He goes on to affirm that there is not only one Diablo team, and that there are multiple projects with separate development teams.