Blizzard Island Expeditions

UPDATE (12/20/18): Blizzard is holding off on this plan to discuss alternatives.

Blizzard announced the change after players were gaming the system to level others’ alts.

Blizzard has announced today that they were going to hotfix the game to prevent level 110s from turning off experience gains. The change comes as players have used a specific loophole in the game. This loophole allowed level 110 twinks to solo Island Expeditions within a matter of minutes. Since Island Expeditions usually require three players, up to two players can take advantage of this loophole. Players get on these 110 twinks and use these characters to level their friends and their friends’ alts. This bypasses traditional leveling, which may inconvenience impatient players and/or players who wish to switch mains.

Blizzard Island Expeditions

“Since the launch of Battle for Azeroth, we’ve noticed an increasing trend of players turning off XP gains at level 110 in order to repeatedly power level other players’ characters at an excessive rate without increasing their own level. The intention of the XP-off feature is to allow alternate characters to stay in lower-level PvP brackets or relive lower-level content, not to purposefully halt progression in content relevant to the current expansion,” community manager Ythisens said.

No more twinking in World of Warcraft?

This hotfix will force players to level “legitimately” and experience the content that Battle For Azeroth has to offer. Instead of leveling solely through Island Expeditions, Ythisens removed the ability to turn experience gains off. “To curb this behavior, we plan to implement a hotfix in the coming days that will disable the ability to turn off XP gains on characters level 110 or higher. Additionally, any character of that level who already has XP disabled will find it automatically re-enabled the next time they log in,” he continued.

Some players complained that the hotfix was a “fun detected” move. Now, players will have to level up in other ways. “Too much fun. Must fix,” said commenter dokeefe1986. Currently, Island Expeditions are the fastest way to level up. Players find it tedious to continue leveling alts in the same way they leveled their mains.

What do you think of this change in Battle For Azeroth? Is Blizzard trying to kill off fun and twinking? Let us know in the comments below!