Change is on the Wind

For the first time in WoW history of microtransactions, Blizzard is officially retiring some key mounts, battle pets, and helms from the Blizzard Shop. This comes as little surprise since Blizzard has been changing things around within its own organization as of late. Along with that, many of the old purchasable items have been in the store for a number of years. Change is in the air, and some things have to be cut out in order for that to happen.

Gone But Not Forgotten

With that said, Blizzard is discontinuing a total of 9 purchasable pieces of content. The three battle pets that are getting the axe are Lil’ XT, the Cenarian Hatchling, and the Moonkin Hatchling. Some mounts are also disappearing. The Ginning Reaver, Swift Windsteed, and Armored Bloodwing will be retired from the store. Finally, the three vanity helms, the Crown of Eternal Winter, the Jewel of the Firelord, and the Hood of Hungering Darkness will be discontinued as well. Many of these items were hot catches during their time, but now they received┬áso little attention that they seem like they are considered expendable.

Image result for See you later bundle WoW
These were once favorites of the people, but now they are practically being given away. Courtesy of Blizzard

Blizzard is not without mercy in all of this. Individually the items have received a reduced price. This will encourage any WoW players who wish to get some last minute gifts for their friends a way to do so. These items can also be bundled together in what is being called the “See You Later” bundle. Whether or not we will see these items again is up for debate, but for $49.95 you can get all of them together!

Are You Able to Let Go?

These items will be available for purchase up until January 6, 2019. Make sure to get them while you can!

Are you sad to see them go? What do you think this move means for Blizzard, and why would they be doing it? A little speculation is healthy. So what do you think?