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A Calendar for Blizzard at Gamescom has Released

Blizzard gamescom overwatch

August 24th will be the day when the final cinematic of Azshara will be revealed. The cinematic is not the only thing Blizzard has on its itinerary. Although BfA has already released, attendees will have a chance to play it, and other newly released Blizzard games.

First off:

Blizzard will be unveiling new Overwatch content on the 22nd. This information comes from the Blizzard Gamescom website, where a full stage calendar is available. Moreover, there is a catalog of merchandise available. Furthermore, some of the merchandise will be exclusive to the convention.

Additionally, the gamescom Blizzard app will allow attendees to participate in games and win prizes. This is facilitated through the ‘Augmented Reality’ tour.


There will be tournaments, the European unveiling of a new animated short, and more. A voice actors panel will bring the game’s characters to life. And, to many an audience member’s excitement–The German World Cup team will battle any attendee looking for blood.

Heroes of the Storm:

Mephisto will be playable for the first time at gamescom. There will also be a playable map. Check it out below.

Starcraft 2:

The co-op commander, Tychus Findlay, will be playable for the first time at the Blizzard booth. The commander will be demonstrated live on stage by lead co-op designer, Kevin Dong.

Youtubers Lowko and Winter will accept any audience member’s challenge Saturday, August 25th.

Diablo 3:

The game will be playable for the first time on the Nintendo Switch. On Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, there will be a live Diablo drawing with Chris Amaral.


Puzzle games for the newest expansion, Boomsday Project, will allow audience members to race and complete challenges. This will release on August 21st to the public.

World of Warcraft:

There will be 80 booths for people to experience the Lordaeron event, as well as participate in Island Expeditions. In addition, there will be a cosplay showcase on Friday, the 24th.

Furthermore, top guilds Aversion and Set Sail for Fail will compete in a live Island Expedition. The winner will take the best of three matches. There will also be a live Darkmoon Faire, complete with airbrush makeup, fortune telling, and photo opportunities.

Then, there is Azshara. A portfolio of the fallen queen can be found on their website. The release of the cinematic will follow the cosplay portion of the event, and has been long anticipated by fans.

Azshara will play a prominent role in the latest expansion, and is the final boss of an upcoming raid. For more information, check out a previous article we composed on Blizzard at Gamescom. What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the upcoming press conference? Let us know in the commnets!