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An Exceptional Addition to the Battle Royale Genre.

Treyarch has always delivered 3 wonderful modes to each of their COD titles. But, this time around, they have chosen to scrap a single player narrative in order to include a Battle Royale mode titled Blackout. And with the recent beta giving gamers an idea of what to expect. It seems their decision was brilliant.

The End of PUBG and the Fall of Fortnite?

Last year, PUBG took the world by storm, letting 100 players duke it out on a large scale map, until all but one remained. It gave rise to the popularity of the BR genre, and paved the way for games such as Fortnite. Which, gave further attention to the genre. However, few other games in the genre have ever attained the rise and popularity of these 2 titles. That however may be about to change. Treyarch has put a lot of attention into Blackout, and it definitely shows. During the 3 days of my participation, not once did I experience any game-breaking bugs or crashes during a game. Gameplay felt both smooth and fluid, with no drops in frame-rate or any lag whatsoever. The graphics meanwhile looked gorgeous without any texture errors in sight. Every match that i took part in ran with 0 problems at an amazing frame-rate.

Familiar Gameplay with a Twist.

Gameplay played exactly as you would expect a BR game too. However in the beta, the number was limited to 80 players with Treyarch confirming that number will rise to 100. The weapons that players will be using are also what you expect, with pistols, rifles, and LMG peppered throughout the map. Each one having limitations on its attachments, and firing range. Perks are also present in the mode, however they function as temporary power ups that come from loot. These perks can reduce the sound you make, or increase your prone speed for a certain amount of time, giving you an edge in battle. There’s also certain equipment that the player can procure, such as an RC camera, or even a grappling gun that functions as you would expect.

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Boats, Trucks and Helicopters.

Treyarch has always included their wonderfully crafted zombies mode into each of their COD titles. However, they have also included a mechanic that spawns them at certain locations, such as a graveyard and an asylum. These locations can give out rare loot at the cost of zombies attacking the player, requiring players to think about their chances. But the biggest feature Treyarch has brought in is the ability to drive vehicles such as quads, boats and helicopters. All of which handle extremely well.

Blackout Will Bring the Heat.

It can’t be denied that Treyarch has delivered something special to the franchise that feels feels so well crafted. Both PUBG and Fortnite are going to have some major competition, with this new addition to the BR genre. Blackout will be available when Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches next month on October 12th.

Did you participate in the beta? Did you prefer it over any other BR games? Let us know in the comments section.