BDO xbox

Let the Slicing and Dicing Commence on the Box

Back in 2014, Black Desert Online took the MMO world by storm. With its detailed characters, addicting combat and fluid animations. It arrived with much hype and sucked its fans in like a vacuum. Now after many years, Pearl Abyss is bringing their popular MMO to the Xbox platform, starting with an open beta available to all Xbox gold subscribers. The trailer for which can be viewed below.

An official overview will give an idea of what to expect.

“During the beta, you will be able to explore the regions of Balenos and Serendia. Explore the quaint town of Velia or the bustling city of Heidel where you can pick up a wide range of goods from merchants. Every nook and cranny of these regions are available for you to adventure through.”


“You will also be able to get a taste of nearly everything Black Desert has to offer, including most of the Life Skills that Black Desert is famous for. Gathering, processing, cooking, alchemy, training, fishing, trading and farming will all be available in the beta.”


“6 Classes, Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, Witch and Wizard, will be playable during the beta. The level cap for beta has been set to level 40 so that you can get a good grasp of each class before it ends on November 12th.”


“There will also be a whole host of events for you to enjoy. From catching horses to cart racing, these events will be run by the team here at Pearl Abyss. This will be your chance to have fun with us in Black Desert with some of the minigames that are scattered throughout the world. For more information regarding the GM Events, check out the timetable below.”

Will it’s Popularity Increase on Xbox?

Black Desert launched back in 2014 with mixed to positive reviews from both gamers and critics. While the PC version has received updates that positively address those mixed critiques. It remains unclear as to how the final console version will play out on Microsoft’s platform.

Are you a longtime Black Desert Player? Will you be giving the Xbox beta a try? Let us know in the comments below/