Anthem Game Art

Anthem Flies in Strong to E3!!

During the last moments of EA’s E3 press event. Bioware took the stage, and delivered a fantastic cinematic trailer regarding new story details and gameplay features for Anthem. Anthem supposedly takes place on an alien world with humanity facing a dark age. Players will be able to take control of a member of a member of Anthem, by piloting fully customizable suits known as Javelins. With each player being able to decide their suits specific class, weapons and armor, with the addition of a paint job to boot. Many more options will be available to the player as they progress through the game.

Developers also revealed how the story and gameplay will affect the co-op mechanic. Stating that each players actions will directly affect certain elements of the game and the environment. Also shown was a small demonstration of how a co-op game can play out. Different players can attack different enemies and pull off moves that can be chained into combo’s, providing extra damage towards an enemy.

A Bold Yet Traditional Class System

The games class system was also revealed, with four javelin types to choose from. These include the Tank-like colossus which specializes in heavy assault. Or the standard straightforward yet versatile ranger class. Players can use these javelins to traverse an expansive world, that consist of underwater ruins, or towering mountains that can rise for miles. Certain events and missions can have diverse approach to them as demonstrated in the gameplay trailer. Players will be able to use different methods to complete objectives and fight off the games enemies. Anthem seems to have a very unique way for gamers to create new strategies and tactics in order to progress throughout the world.

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