Image courtesy of Youtube.

Test Your Wits and Your Aim

Jonathan Chey, co-founder of Irrational Games, and Blue Manchu is bringing us a game inspired by BioShock and System Shock. Void Bastards, a revolutionary strategy-shooter, requires both brain and brawn. Lead the prisoners of the Void Ark through dangerous situations without losing a man. Your choices will decide who survives and who dies.

But combat and battlefield knowledge isn’t going to be enough to get the job done. You’ll also need to drive spaceships, hunt for supplies, craft tools, and more.

Watch Your Step Around Every Corner

As your traversing the Sargasso Nebula you’re going to need to take care. On board enemy ships you’ll have to decide the best route to take. Stealth or force? Left or right? Pick off your enemies one by one or go in guns blazing? Make the wrong choice and you will suffer the consequences.

Void Bastards has an almost extra-cartoony Borderlands look to it. Image courtesy of Steam.

Crawling through enemy ships isn’t the only hazard out in space. Watch out for void whales are you navigate your small escape pod through the vast nebula. Don’t forget to avoid space pirates. Most importantly,┬áscavenge for food, fuel, and other resources to keep you and your crew alive.

It’s Gonna Be Epic

As a huge fan of your classic “bastard” shooters like Bioshock and Borderlands, I’m super excited for Void Bastards. The trailer on Steam starts out with a bad guy saying “Surprise, butt-face.” I don’t even need to know any more about the game. That sold me right there.

With an original Bioshock contributor involved and Humble Bundle publishing, it has everything it needs to be a great game. I’ll be looking for it to come in 2019. What about you?