dread gladiator alliance set

The PvP Season Starts Next Week: What are we Fighting For?


Normal PvP will unlock the regular Dread Gladiator set. It will be unique to this season. Following the Horde Vs. Alliance theme, the sets for the factions reflect the factional nature of the expansion. Alliance cloth wearers, for instance, will resemble battle-mages. In contrast, Horde cloth wearers will resemble occult warlocks. The styles, in general, reflect that armor type/faction stereotype. A full link to the dressing room can be found here. Many of additional sets can be unlocked through the new War front feature.

  • At the end of a match, there is a chance to acquire an item. The item’s quality is proportional to your rating.
  • When you win a Rated PvP match or win your first RBG of the day, there is a chance to earn a piece. At certain thresholds, the amount of Conquest you have earned will unlock a piece of gear. The item’s quality begins at LFR-item level. It will scale as you progress.
  • Filling up the Conquest bar every week will unlock a reward found near the Dueler’s Guild. The item’s level is based on the highest bracket you had won at least a single game in.

Certain rankings unlock parts of the Elite Dread Gladiator set. One rank unlocks the hands, legs, and feet appearances. Wrist and waist are part of the same bounty. Cloaks are rewarded alone. The trio of head, shoulders, and chest are unlocked together.

dread gladiator horde bow

The weapons, in turn, match each set for the Alliance and Horde, respectively. The cloaks have a faction insignia woven into the fabric.

dread gladiator Alliance bow

The Ultimate Rewards

The mount is the Dread Gladiator’s Proto-Drake. 50 3v3 matches at Gladiator rank will unlock the mount. As with all past seasons, this mount will not be available after Season 1.Gladiator Proto-Drake Mounts┬áThe Dread Gladiator title’s criteria remain the same as with past expansions. The player will have to place in the top 0.1% of their faction.