Barnaby battle pet
Barnaby Pet Screenshot From HazelNuttyGames's Video

If You’re Looking for the Scoop on BFA Battle Pets, You’ve Come to the Right Place!

HazelNuttyGames and Wowhead created a fantastic guide to Battle for Azeroth Battle Pets so that we can all have the information to tame our favorite new creature companions! Looking for new achievements, charms, vendors, etc? Well, you’re in luck, we’ve got that covered!

Battle Pet collecting
New Pet Achievements Screenshot from HazelNuttyGames’s Video

Battle Safari Achievement

First up is the achievement Battle Safari. In order to get this achievement, you need to obtain 27 battle pets. This, in short, includes all of the battle pets for both Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Here’s the list of critters you’ll be looking to adopt: Shadowback crawler, freshwater crawler, valley chicken, river otter, shack crab, giant woodworm, barrier hermit, golden beetle, elusive skimmer, young sand sifter, returned hatchling, spectral raven, hermit crab, honey bee, river frog, vale marmot, sandyback crawler, parasitic boarfly, inland croaker, shore butterfly, coastal scutter, bloodfever tranatula, leafy flutterwing, sticky oozeling, glutted bleeder, boghopper, and the coastal bounder. Keep in mind, there are other pets not listed here not required for the achievement.

Battle Pet safari
Dreadtick Leecher Pet Screenshot From HazelNuttyGames’s Video

Tracking Pets

Now that you’re overwhelmed with pets, you need an easy way to track them! The simple solution is to open up your pet journal and type in the name of the zone. That will bring up the list of pets for your zone and you can easily see what you’re missing. Note that all of these pets will be level 25, so bring your big guns to capture them!

Dart battle pet
Dart Pet Screenshot From HazelNuttyGames’s Video
Barnaby battle pet
Barnaby Pet Screenshot From HazelNuttyGames’s Video


When you’re looking for pets, don’t neglect Arathi Highlands. With the new changes, there will be new pet drops from some of the rare mobs there. There are also faction pets to include a Lost Platysaur, Talutu for the Horde, and Tricky Nick for the Alliance. Alchemists, enchanters, and archaeologists can also make pets.

Ragepeep battle pet
Ragepeep Pet Screenshot From HazelNuttyGames’s Video

Pet Currency

Polished Pet Charms will be the new currency you’ll be rewarded with. These come from specific quests, rare mobs, and world quests. Noteworthy, world quests will scale in Kul Tiras and Zandalar so you don’t have to have level 25 pets for the world quests. You’ll be able to use your shiny new pet charms at one of six different vendors (one for each zone).

You can watch HazelNuttyGames’s full pet collection video here:

Which of the new battle pets are you most looking forward to? Which do you intend to catch first? What is your favorite thing about battle pets? Let us know in the comments!