Warm Lamp Games is bringing a new game this autumn where the player is put into a world where they play as a spy watching an apartment, and making the decision whether the residents within live, struggle, or die.

It┬átests the player’s moral choices as they are cast into a totalitarian state where public and private lives are for all to see. You control the information of whether or not to report someone’s activities to the authorities, or allow them to continue their behavior for the benefit of their family or others. Eerily reminiscent of the SS Nazi Days.

The game’s central focus is the idea of choice; you are the one who is allowed to ultimately make the choice deciding a person’s fate.

Beholder focuses on these key features:

  • Every choice matters: Even a little choice can result in a massive impact to something else changing or someone’s life being affected.
  • Personality: Every character and person you meet or see in the game has thought-out personalities that have a past and present. This gives you a puzzle to figure out how to properly handle dealing with the person and the situation they have.
  • Tough choices: With every decision and choice you make, the game changes. In turn, do you make the choice to report to the authorities, or resist and let certain behaviors go? But who then decides what is to be deserved for the people within the apartment? If two people will have to be sent away, which one then do you pick to better the outcome?
  • Multiple Endings: You will receive enough info throughout the game to make your ultimate decision, but in the end, there will end up being something you were not aware of. This gives you the opportunity to see another side of the story, with different decisions leading to another outcome.

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