Patch 8.1 is Bringing New Companions for the Avid BFA Pet Lover

Along with patch 8.1 came a few new treasures for pet lovers in World of Warcraft. Battle for Azeroth already boasts a host of fun new pets, and this even further boosts the booty! Wowhead recently released a guide that showcases these new pets.

Do you love collecting pets, but find yourself reaching the pet limit? Is the Pocket Pet Portal still not enough to allow you to fulfill all your pet desires? 1500 pets does sound like a lot. However, in reality, avid pet collectors can find themselves having to make some choices. Now you’re in luck. With the new Interdimensional Pet Portal, you can now have up to 2000 pets on your account! This should give you plenty of space for all your pet desires.

So What New Pets Can You Adopt?

Looking for things you might want to add to your collection? You can start with the newest additions from patch 8.1. It is thought that these pets will come from the Gnomeregan Pet Dungeon. They are not in the game yet though, so the exact source is not yet known.

Feathers and Child of Pa'ku images from
Feathers and Child of Pa’ku images from

According to Wowhead, the following pets will be added: Feathers from the Mechanical Feather; Child of Pa’ku from the Enchanted Talon of Pa’ku; Thunder Lizard Runt from the Thundering Scale of Akunda; and Spawn of Krag’wa from the same named drop. Engineers will also be able to craft Mechatula, which can be learned from the Schematic: Mechantula.

Spawn of Krag'wa and Thunder Lizard Runt images from
Spawn of Krag’wa and Thunder Lizard Runt images from

The flavor text for Feathers is: Thought to be lost in a massive explosion, the smartest of engineers were able to rebuild Feathers into a magnificent mechanical creation. Child of Pa’ku: There is a story told to some children that all winged creatures were unable to fly until Pa’ku provided enough wind to lift them off of the ground. Thunder Lizard Runt: The large plates on the back of this lizard are made of a mysterious but highly conductive material, making it ideal to charge up and expel massive amounts of electricity. Spawn of Krag’wa: A toad with Krag’wa’s bloodline has an average expectancy to leap over seven million times during its lifetime.