Battle of Dazar'alor

The Battle of Dazar’alor will be open to all players on January 22.

Tides of Vengeance is coming next week. However, the new raid, the Battle of Dazar’alor, will not be out until January 22. Like previous raid tiers, Normal and Heroic will become available immediately. Those who wish to plunge into Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor will have to wait until January 29. The first LFR wing will also open on January 29. The second LFR wing will come on February 12, and the third wing will come out on February 26.

Battle of Dazar'alor Loading Screen

Battle of Dazar’alor is unique in that there are different raid experiences for the Alliance and Horde. As we previously mentioned, this will be the first time that Alliance and Horde will face different bosses in the same raid. The entry points are different for each faction. The Alliance will enter through the docks of Dazar’alor, and face Rastakhan as their final boss. They will then experience the Horde’s three final bosses through a flashback. The Horde will start in northern Zuldazar and oust the Alliance from the High Seat. Then the Horde will push to the docks to fight Jaina Proudmoore. Their flashback will be in the middle of the raid. On bosses that are unique to one faction, the other faction will be able to use the other faction’s look and racials.

The new Mythic+ and PvP seasons will coincide with the release of the raid.

Battle for Azeroth PvP Season 1 will also end on January 22. Season 2 will also start on the same date. Mythic+ Season 1 will also end on January 22. The new Mythic+ season will also begin on January 22 with a new affix at +10.

Will you and your friends be diving into the new raid from day one? Will you also be taking part in the new Mythic+ and PvP seasons? Let us know in the comments below!