A New Day, A New Raid

As the WoW train keeps chugg’n along, Blizzard has guaranteed that new armor and items are on their way with the newest raid, The Battle for Dazar’alor. Much like other raids, this one will provide all the new gear that players are feverishly frothing at the mouth over. However, there is a major difference with this particular raid. All of the gear that will be achieved will not be class specific. That’s right, this gear will be different, and will provide new features not seen in gear from the past.

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A brief look at the Mythic Plate set. Courtesy of WoWHead

New Azerite Armor

The first addition to the gear is going to come through the new azerite armor that can be obtained by players. All Dazar’alor armor will contain a 5th azerite ring, allowing for players to further upgrade their power in both PvE and PvP. This will be the case for every chest, helm, and shoulder piece obtained in the raid. It has been specified by WoWHead that the fourth ring of each piece will give players a choice for the following power ups:

  •  Bonded Souls – Your spells and abilities have a chance to trigger a Soulbond for 15 sec. During Soulbond, every 5 sec you and your nearest ally are both healed for 8769 and gain 229 Haste for 5 sec.
  • Seductive Power – Your spells and abilities have a chance to conjure Bwonsamdi’s spectral visage, beckoning you closer. If you approach him, gain 66 to all stats for 5 min, stacking up to 5 times. If you fail to heed his call, lose 1 stacks.
  •  Treacherous Covenant – Your primary stat is increased by 384 while you are above 50% health. You take 15% increased damage while below 20% health.

Set Bonuses

The gear that can be obtained from this raid will provide some much need bonuses for players as they take on the opposition. Some of the items that are obtained provide their own unique abilities depending on the boss in which they were taken from.

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The Battle of Dazar’alor is shaping up to be epic Courtesy of WoWHead

Unique Items and Effects

Along with this, there will also be unique items that can be gathered which will provide necessary buffs within the raid. Here are some of those important keepsakes:

Dazar’alor, Here We Come!

WowHead states that the Battle of Dazar’alor and the second season of BfA PvP opens on January 22nd. Many players are already gearing up for these new challenges, are you?