War Mode PvP

War Mode signifies one of the major reworks to PvP in Battle For Azeroth.

War Mode will mean that the distinctions between PvP and PvE servers will no longer exist. During last week’s Q&A, some major changes were announced. For example, there was the splitting between small and large battlegrounds. Players will no longer have to blacklist Alterac Valley or the Isle of Conquest. Blizzard even hinted that in the future, large battlegrounds such as the Battle for Southshore could come back as well.

A post on the forums has updated some of the War Mode specifics. In Legion, PvP talents would automatically trigger upon entering combat with another player. This happens even if you were fighting a world boss and accidentally hit that player with an AoE ability. The change in Battle For Azeroth will allow players to use PvP talents even when fighting PvE mobs while War Mode is turned on.

War Zone World PvP

The scaling in War Mode is another issue that Blizzard brought up. “In order to create fair fights and good gameplay, our goal is to limit the extremes in power between players in War Mode that come from gear and level. We want you to have an advantage if your gear is better, but within reason,” game designer Phalanx said. This may be subject to change, as players’ feedback could determine what is considered good scaling.

You can even earn conquest points in world PvP. While the main sources of conquest are rated arena and rated battlegrounds (and to a lesser extent, unrated battlegrounds), world PvP objectives will also reward conquest.

War Zone Halaa

Bounty hunting is an interesting new addition to PvP in Battle For Azeroth.

An intriguing new feature that War Mode will bring to world PvP is bounty hunting. In the past, PvP-themed guilds would place bounties on certain players and pay whoever killed that player. These bounties could reach over 100,000 gold if players were adept PvPers or notorious on the server. Bounty hunting will become a feature in Battle For Azeroth. If you kill more players in world PvP, you have a higher chance of having a bounty placed on your head. Players of the opposing faction will be notified of your presence and can slay you for a reward.

While there will be other features in War Mode, they will be shared at a later date. “While we have one or two other content features in War Mode we’ll share later on, one of our goals is to keep it minimal,” Phalanx added.

What do you think about War Mode? Will bounty hunting bring out the PvPer in you? Let us know in the comments below!