Battle for Azeroth Mounts

Battle for Azeroth is bringing many new mounts with it’s August release.

The most wanted mount so far in Battle for Azeroth is the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur. This is a multi-seater dinosaur mount like the Tundra Mammoth, or the Grand Expedition Yak. The Brutosaur, however, has one of the most coveted gold farmer tools, an Auctioneer.
The picture above shows a Tauren with a Tortolan Auctioneer. I wonder if this means that the Alliance mount will also have a Tortolan or a Vulpera companion?
Purchasing this mount will cost you a cool 4,500,000 gold from Tricky Nick (Alliance) in Boralus, or Talutu (Horde) in Zuldazar. It is being said that there is a 20% discount for being Exalted with either the Proudmoore Admiralty or the Zandalari Empire.
Do you still have gold burning a hole in your bags?
The same merchants that are selling the Brutosaur Auctioneer mount are also selling Reins of the Palehide Direhorn for 500,000 gold (450,000 discounted,) and a Lost Platysaur Combat Pet for 100,000 gold (90,000 discounted).

How can players afford this mount?

There are many ways to start stockpiling gold for that sweet “Auctioneer on the go”.

  • World Quests – These quests can be time consuming,  but they will usually pay out around 2,000+ gold per day.
  • Follower Missions – depending on how high your followers levels are, and if you can hit the bonus, you could net anywhere from 500-5000 gold per gold mission.
  • Crafting Materials – Players are always looking to buy your unused crafting mats such as cloth, ore, dusts, and leather.
  • Battle Pets – If you’re good at leveling pets quickly you can get quite a bit of gold depending on what pets you’re able to catch and flip.
  • Crafting Goods – Many players don’t have have the time to build up any crafting toons, so they rely on those that do. Enchanting, Cooking, and Alchemy seem to net the most gold as these professions help with raiding buffs.

This mount looks really cool! Are you willing to pay the hefty gold price to have auctioneer access? Let us know in the comments!