Battle for Azeroth Loot Changes

Battle for Azeroth Will Remove Some Of The Loot Options With Which Most Are Familiar.


Gold, Loot
All the Loot

Blizzard has made it known that loot rules for current content raids will change with Battle for Azeroth. So, this could prove problematic for the guilds that make their money off of the BoE’s that drop. Or, from selling carries plus full loot categories for a high sum of gold.

Master loot becomes a ghost of instances past!

Today will mark the end of the Master Loot option in Legacy and Current Content Raiding. This also includes raiding as a guild. That’s right: the option for Guild Master Looter is being completely removed. Personal loot will be the only way to distribute the goods. Personal loot has always dropped more pieces for the raid in my personal opinion. Master loot is great for those guilds that have that one guildie that can’t be completely trusted, or for those guilds using the system to gain from gold from those with enough for a carry.

How will this impact Legacy Instance Farming?

Blizzard will be introducing Legacy Loot Mode. For this mode to be active, you have to have a toon that is at least 10 levels higher than that legacy instance. Anything from Vanilla to Warlord’s of Draenor will be able to be farmed with no issue. So, transmog farmers rejoice! No longer will you go without loot because your Windwalker Monk doesn’t use a Staff.

Upon entering a legacy instance, you will be automatically switched to Legacy Loot Mode and be able to reap the rewards, and hopefully the mounts.

  • If you’re in a 5 woman instance you will get 5 players’ worth of rewards.
  • Flex raids like Siege of Orgrimmar, you will receive loot as if there were 20 other players.
  • Every item on the loot table will now have a chance of dropping, not just what is usable for your current spec.
  • Farming with a friend? The rewards will be split evenly but will be tradable. When your bestie doesn’t want that sweet shield they can trade it to you for those nice golden plate shoulders.

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