Siege of Boralus City

Siege of Boralus is a new dungeon in Battle For Azeroth.

We previously talked about Siege of Boralus during alpha, and now the entire dungeon is playable. Lady Ashvane and the Freehold pirates, under the influence of Queen Azshara, assault Boralus after a failed attempt to get Katherine Proudmoore to resign as the leader of the city.

Siege of Boralus City 2

There are five bosses in Siege of Boralus: Chopper Redhook, Sergeant Bainbridge, Dread Captain Lockwood, Hadal Darkfathom, and Viq’Goth.

Chopper Redhook

Chopper Redhook and his Irontide forces are wreaking havoc on the streets of Boralus. He fixates a random player with his Meat Hook. This gets faster with Boiling Rage. In addition, he summons adds that the party must defeat. To make matters worse, players have to deal with constant cannon bombardment and Heavy Ordinance. Tanks must run over these mines. If Heavy Ordinance explodes, the entire group gets massive damage.

DPS must kill adds and hit the boss if not targeted by On The Hook, while tanks must stay out of melee range during Heavy Hitter. Healers must make sure that any damage is healed up.

Sergeant Bainbridge

One of the officers of the Kul Tiran church, Sergeant Bainbridge will make sure that anyone who opposes him will die a painful death. Much like Chopper Redhook, he uses his Hangman’s Noose to fixate on a random player. Also like the previous boss, he will summon adds and fire cannons at players. DPS will have to kill adds like before, and damage the boss if they are not fixated. Tanks will have to face Sergeant Bainbridge’s attacks away from the party and kite him around due to Heavy Hitter.

Dread Captain Lockwood

Another boss who summons adds, Dread Captain Lockwood retreats to her ship and fires at players, hitting them with damage and leaving a DoT effect on them. In addition, the boss also fires Blast in the area. Players must pick up Unstable Ordinance and throw them at her ship to get her to come back to the battlefield. Tanks have to face her Crimson Swipe away from the party as well as avoid a cone attack called Clear The Deck, which can knock back players.

Hadal Darkfathom

Hadal Darkfathom is a sea giant summoned to Boralus from the depths of the ocean. He will summon pools of water called Break Water that need to be avoided. These knock players into the air and inflict nature damage to the entire party. At full energy, he will summon a Tidal Surge that envelops the battlefield, which players must avoid.


Lady Ashvane has summoned Viq’Goth in her attempt to destroy Boralus. Players will need to rescue cannoneers to repair cannons that will allow the party to damage Viq’Goth. Viq’Goth uses Call of the Deep to attack areas on the battlefield and will occasionally spew water at the party for some damage plus a DoT effect. Those who have Putrid Waters should run away from the group and have a healer dispel them. DPS will have to attack Gripping Terrors to release cannoneers, while tanks will attack Demolishing Terrors to prevent them from using Hull Cracker, which will deal massive damage to the party if the tank is not within melee range.

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