King's Rest Loading Screen

King’s Rest is a new dungeon in Battle For Azeroth.

King’s Rest is a new dungeon in Battle For Azeroth. It is only available in Mythic difficulty as of this writing. However, that may be subject to change (much like Karazhan was Mythic-only at the beginning of Legion).

King's Rest and Zul

Zul’s role in this dungeon is similar to his role in Mists of Pandaria when he revived and controlled the Thunder King. In King’s Rest, Zul is attempting to resurrect and bend the might of the past Zandalari kings. There are four fights in this instance: The Golden Serpent, Mchimba the Embalmer, The Council of Tribes, and Dazar, The First King.

The Golden Serpent

The Golden Serpent fires gold at players which they have to kill after the serpent empowers it with Lucre’s Call. If the gold reaches the boss, it will empower him with Luster, which will increase his damage. Players can CC the adds to prevent them from reaching The Golden Serpent. Healers will have to watch out for any players affected by Spit Gold.

Mchimba the Embalmer

This construct is present in King’s Rest to entomb the past kings of Zandalar. However, he is out to entomb players who dare step into King’s Rest as well. Tanks need to avoid Burn Corruption. Healers have to heal players below 90% health afflicted by Desiccation, which reduces damage and movement speed by half. DPS can avoid Desiccation by interrupting Drain Fluid with an immunity (i.e. Ice Block). Players who get entombed can call out their allies to free them from their tomb by hitting struggle. If players are not freed in time, Mchimba the Embalmer can summon additional adds into the fight.

The Council of Tribes

The Council of Tribes is a three-part fight involving Aka’ali the Conqueror, Kula the Butcher, and Zanazal the Wise. The order in which they appear changes from week to week. After one councilor is defeated, the next councilor joins until all three are defeated. However, the defeated councilor(s) will return periodically to use a single ability throughout the fight.

Tanks have to deal with Aka’ali the Conqueror’s Debilitating Backhand, which deals heavy damage to tanks and applies a debuff to them, meaning players will have to kite this boss around. For Kula the Butcher, players need to avoid Whirling Axes. Players will have to absorb Barrel Through to reduce the group’s damage. Healers will have to also heal through Kula the Butcher’s Severing Axe, and avoid interruption from Zanazal the Wise’s Thundering Crash. Players will also have to interrupt Zanazal the Wise’s Poison Nova and kill his totems when he casts Call of the Elements.

Dazar, The First King

Zul awakens Dazar, The First King for the final encounter of King’s Rest. He will summon his hunting raptor, Raban, at 80% health. At 60%, he will mount T’zala, which players have to kill quickly. Finally, Dazar will fire spears at the group from 40% until he dies.

Tanks will have to pop defensive cooldowns for the final two hits of Blade Combo, which will deal heavy damage. Reban’s presence in the battle means that the tank has to intercept him from attacking other members of the group. Quaking Leap hits the group for some damage but decreases the further away you are from other players. Those targeted with Quaking Leap will have to move very far away from the group.

Dazar also has a chance of dropping a mount (Mummified Raptor Skull) or pet (Thousand Year Old Mummy Wraps) from either Mythic difficulty or a Mythic+ cache.

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