The Tortollan Seekers are a new faction inĀ Battle For Azeroth.

The Tortollan Seekers are a faction composed of wealthy members who seek out forbidden knowledge. Much like the Kirin Tor in Legion, you only have to complete three world quests for the daily. It may also be possible that the Tortollan Seekers may also reward reputation with other factions in Battle For Azeroth. Collector Kojo is the Tortollan Seekers reputation vendor. He rewards some fun cosmetic items as well as a 32 slot bag pattern for tailors, the Embroidered Deep Sea Bag.

Currently, only two World Quests are available: Beachhead and Shell Game, both of which are mini-games within the game itself. Like the Kirin Tor quests, these are available in all six zones.

Tortollan Seekers Shell Game

Shell Game is basically a memory pairing game where you have to match pairs until you clear the board. There are 16 shells on the board that you have to clear. If you turn over two shells that aren’t matching, they turn back over.

Tortollan Seekers Beachhead

The Beachhead mini-game is an homage to the 1983 Commodore 64 game Beach-Head. In a shooting gallery-style game, you have to take control of a nest. Your job is to help the baby turtles reach the water. Crabs and seagulls will attempt to kill the turtles and you have to shoot them down. The world quest is complete when 15 baby turtles reach the water.

Since you have to complete three world quests for the Tortollan Seekers, these may not be the only two for the faction. It is possible that more mini-games may be added in the future, or that there will be multiple Beachhead or Shell Game world quests up at one time.

What do you think of these new world quests? Do you want some more mini-games from this faction? Let us know in the comments below!