Jaina Proudmoore Thros, The Blighted Lands

Thros, the Blighted Lands is a scenario involving Jaina Proudmoore.

Thros, the Blighted Lands is an upcoming scenario in Battle For Azeroth. Jaina Proudmoore’s absence in Legion was a blow to Alliance fans. Jaina attempts to bring the people of Kul Tiras into the Alliance. Jaina’s reputation among the people of Kul Tiras is less than welcome, as she was allegedly responsible for the death of her father, Daelin Proudmoore. Lady Ashvane also convinces Jaina’s mother, Katherine Proudmoore, to exile Jaina. Jaina’s presence on the BlizzCon 2017 badge indicated that she would play a huge role in Battle For Azeroth.

Thros, The Blighted Lands

The map here is an altered version of Drustvar. The scenario takes place in the Crimson Forest (hence why the rest of it is grayed out). You will follow Katherine into the area to pursue Jaina. You will have to confront her images and try to find the real Jaina. Daelin makes an appearance here, as well as the Herald of Gorak Tul. Gorak Tul is also the final boss of the Waycrest Manor dungeon.

Herald of Gorak Tul

In the scenario, the Herald of Gorak Tul summons adds and hits enemies with Darkened Lightning and Death Lens. To take out Death Lens, one has to step in between the beam and the target. Players will have to kill adds and stay spread apart, as Darkened Lightning can jump to other players. In addition, the adds can be resurrected by the Herald himself.

To permanently destroy the adds, one must use Alchemical Fire to prevent the corpses from resurrecting after the Herald reaches 100 energy. Dread Essence hits everyone for some damage as well.

It may be rumored that Jaina could be a raid boss in a future content patch, but this is all still subject to speculation. What do you think is in store for Jaina? Let us know in the comments below!