Tanks have had it easy with threat in Legion, but that is about to end.

Tank threat generation has been a non-issue for several expansions now. In the earlier days of World of Warcraft, pulling aggro off of bosses was a very real issue. Those who have led raids back then may remember asking DPS to slow down or even stop completely if they were about to pull threat from the tank.

Tank threat generation

In Battle For Azeroth, there will be another shift in tank threat generation. In fact, keeping aggro on secondary mobs using passive AoE abilities will be more difficult. Currently, tanks generate 10 times more threat than DPS. With an artifact weapon, this number goes up to 14 times more. Guardian druids with Thrash bleeds can generate 20 times more aggro than DPS.

In Battle For Azeroth, this number will go down to four times as much aggro. This may prove problematic in Mythic Keystone content. If the Skittish affix is kept in Battle For Azeroth, tank threat can go as low as five percent more than DPS in Mythic+ (Skittish reduces tank aggro by 75%).

Battle For Azeroth Mythic Keystones and raids may require further tuning.

What does this mean for those who main tanks? User Rovingbandit said that it might mean a change in boss tuning, or that the change might be reverted soon. “I worry how this will affect fight design. One of the things allowing for more interesting raid fights was the idea that tanks wouldn’t lose threat against DPS. Currently we have some DPS checks that have adds all over the place. With this change, it’s possible we end up with fights failed because a tank had to use his taunt on adds and not a tank swap. If Blizz wants us to go back to an off-tank, they will have to de-tune certain fights. This is something they will likely revert simply because it is going to cause more issues than it solves,” he said.

What are your thoughts on this change to tanks? Will you continue to main a tank if you currently already main one? Let us know in the comments below!