PvP itemization

PvP itemization and ranking are undergoing further changes.

It is fair to say that World of Warcraft PvP community has felt neglected in recent years. However, Battle For Azeroth promises a greater focus on PvP. We previously covered War Mode, which is a revamp of World PvP. A blue post has talked about the PvP itemization methods that are being explored currently in the beta.

PvP itemization

World of Warcraft game designer Phalanx, who primarily works with the PvP aspect of the game, said that there will be some major changes to both itemization and ranking. “In BFA we are doing some meaningful re-structuring of the PvP itemization system, as well as the ranking system. We’re still massaging the system, but we’d like to share some details which may help alleviate some of your concerns.”

The changes in ranking aligns World of Warcraft with its other competitive games such as StarCraft and Overwatch. While PvP titles will remain, there may be a system similar to the other two Blizzard games (i.e. Gold, Platinum, Diamond). There will be UI changes that will also reflect the player’s ranking in the region, which could also expand to rankings on the server and other pertinent data so that PvP players can remain competitive.

PvP competition

Those seeking to gear up via PvP will receive rewards that are commensurate to their rating. For example, a 1600-1800 ranked PvPer will have a chance to receive loot that is equal to Normal raid loot. Those above 1800 will have a chance to receive Heroic-equivalent raid loot.

Blizzard seeks to keep it simple when it comes to epic appearances and other rewards.

While players will gain Conquest by doing PvP activities, players will also receive appearances based on their rank. The appearances will be rewarded as you achieve that rank. Those who are seeking to be among the 0.1% in PvP rating and ranking may receive additional appearances as well.

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