Similar to Legion, there will be a Pathfinder achievement in Battle For Azeroth.

One of the first things people do in World of Warcraft is to get the Pathfinder achievement in each expansion pack. Many times, people do this unintentionally and have most of the requirements completed without even knowing it. However, the completionists leave no stone unturned. The first set of achievements to acquire flying have been revealed.

Pathfinder Part One

The image above combines both Alliance and Horde criteria into the achievement. However, this is currently a bug. Like previous Pathfinder achievements, you will have to explore each region fully. You will also have to complete each region’s quest line. Players will also have to reach at least revered reputation with all the factions that will come out at launch.

What is unique about this achievement is that there are separate requirements based on your faction. It is still unclear whether or not Blizzard will unlock flying on all toons regardless of faction if you do it on one faction, or if you need to get the achievement on both factions to get flying on all toons. UPDATE: You will only need one of either faction to get flying, according to Community Manager Ythisens.

The battle rages on about flying via achievements vs. flying via gold purchase.

Like most arguments surrounding flying, some players were livid that flying was not something you could dump a few thousand gold on and fly above the masses. “Oh, joy, months of farming instead of some gold,” user Shaitan051 said. “I didn’t like Pathfinder at first, but finishing the requirements and finally flying for the first time is one of the best feelings the game has to offer. If anything I wish Blizzard would remove the ability to pay for flight and implement Pathfinder achievements for older expacs,” user Wilaeus said.

UPDATE (5/24/18): Completing the War Campaign is now needed for flying.

Part one of the Pathfinder achievement will now require completion of the War Campaign. This means Horde will have to go to Kul Tiras and Alliance will have to go to Zandalar in order to complete part one of the Pathfinder achievement. The achievement shows both Alliance and Horde achievements; this is a bug.

Pathfinder Part One Update

What do you think of the new Pathfinder achievement? Do you want to earn flying or pay for it? Let us know in the comments below!